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I mistakenly deleted a message Then my response rate start to decrease

Hello my dear friends, i don’t know if anyone had this problem before, but any helpful informations it will be great … i received a message from a buyer but before i could read the message i deleted it, then after on day my response rate went from 100% to 92%, after two days 86% !!! i don’t know if it will be in decrease like that after each day … what i have to do about it ! Thanks.

Go immediately to your ¨Inbox¨, little logo that looks like a cloud at the top of your page, you will find the message, open it and respond. Don’t worry too much, 86% is still not too bad, but be careful to answer as quickly as possible to get back closer to your 100% again. - John :slight_smile:

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i wish if it was that easy, the message is no longer on my inbox ! Thanks John :slight_smile:

I think it will stop decreasing eventually, especially if you respond to any message. I had this issue a couple of times in the past when someone who Fiverr marked dangerous prevented me from responding. I deleted the message and my response time started decreasing. It eventually tallied back up when I responded to other messages. It will work itself out. Don’t worry!

Your friendly artist,

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Thank you my friend, i really appreciated :slight_smile:


Response rate doesn’t work very well. I have a 1 hour response time and respond to every message and my rate randomly goes up and down. It has never worked correctly.

On my message list now I have a message with the timer saying I need to respond. I’ve responded twice yet the timer is still there and I know tomorrow my rate will fall.

Clients don’t see it, they see average response time, so I wouldn’t worry.

That´s right, the timer isn’t very accurate, furthermore it is very difficult to keep at 100%, unless you watch your screen day and night. I wonder how I sometimes have that record. Anyway, don’t be stressed by that, as I used to, the timer is only visible by yourself as a guide, do your best to respond asap.

Is there a way of retrieving them? I were rushing, now have no details for a big order. Ooops!

I don’t think you can delete orders (unless anyone knows differently) so all the info should be in the order, rather than messages anyway.

I think once messages have been deleted, that’s it - it seems to be permanent.

tell the guy on other side to send any message to you. you will get all your deleted messages