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I mistakenly shared my phone number to a customer :(

Hey everyone,

A customer asked my if i can share my cell phone number with him over the chat so that he can better explain his order. He hasn’t order anything so far, and I checked other forums and realized that sharing contact info is a violation of Fiverr’s Policy.

I immidiately responded back to the customer and begged him to share his order details over fiverr chat system and do not call me, and I justified the reasons and fiver policies to him.

Do you think my profile will get banned? :frowning: I am feeling a bit nervous, and I don’t know how to resolve this issue with Fiverr.

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Well if you knew it was wrong, why would you not pay more attention! And how does one “accidentally” send their phone number to somebody?

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If they didn’t notice before maybe your post will let them know. I don’t know what fiverr will do.

At the time, i thought it was ok, so i sent it over. A few hours later, doubts rose in my mind, so i went to check fiverr forum and realized that i made a mistake big time. Hopefully Fiverr can see this post and realize that i am at least being honest and sharing my concern toward solving this issue.

hmm still, that’s why one should read the terms and conditions before joining. It’s like saying “I robbed a back” and when the police question you, you say “oh cause I didn’t know.” Sure this is not as bad as robbing a prison, but you get the gist…

Well, I guess the best course of action is to contact Fiverr customer service directly and share the concern. Is there a way I can reach them? (Phone or email address)

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Why not just let the matter rest and they will let you know if there is a response.
You made a mistake and are now seemingly making sure they have no choice but to take action.


Maybe fiverr give you 1st warning and if you again do this mistake than your account will be banned!

Hopefully, smh. I am just gonna wait to see what will happen.