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I mistakenly used same payoneer account for 2 fiverr accounts

i mistakenly used same payoneer account for 2 fiverr accounts but 1 fiverr account is deactivated, my account is safe or i will get banned

Creating multiple account is against fiverr TOS, read rules first…both of your account will be terminated…

but 1 fiverr account is already deactivated

what is your purpose of creating duplicate accounts, i can’t even manage my 1 account…you may get mail from support team…

Most probably, people who want to share their different services which are not relevant to each other, when they see they have bad impact of multiple services offering they go for the
2nd account. but it is true as @graphicempire defined.

But may be if you didn’t go for a serious issue, fiverr let you work on single account which is enough for a good earning. Even a single gig has power to provide you a good revenue.

Or you can contact CS to define an actual reason for making two accounts. example: an adult or student can show their parents account etc… I don’t know if it works or not in that way. because Fiver allow us to build a team in which the profit income goes to one account and later it distributes to all member.

even I my self confused to make 2 gigs on single topic. lolz

i am not using duplicate accounts, 1st i created a account and used it but after few days i deactivated this account and made a new account but the issue is i used same payment method which i have used for my 1st account

if you’ve been deactivated your account and created again a new account with same payment method has no objection until unless you have done some thing wrong with your previous account.

If you haven’t contacted fiverr support then contact with them and take permission to use the new one…

  • For security concerns, Fiverr may temporarily disable a Seller’s ability to withdraw revenue to prevent fraudulent or illicit activity. This may come as a result of security issues, improper behavior reported by Buyers, or associating multiple Fiverr accounts to a single withdrawal provider.
    I think it will be better to contact fiverr support for further information.
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thanks dear for help i will contact fiverr support for permission