Even though this is a ranting pot, it’s always nice to see something positive once in a while.

I would have to give Fiverr Forums a big thumbs up. Since the opening Fiverr Forums has become more and more popular, filling with some great information and threads. This can benefit so many people in so many ways…

I think that the work really should be rewarded with a thumbs up figure some how!

The forums look continues to improve as well. I have noticed that the suggestion box is functioning and improvements are been made from suggestions that people state.

Great work.


Yes, great post and totally agree. This Forum has made Fiverr more of a “workplace” and less of just another tool deliver business.


Iparziale, I miss it when I cannot be in the forums for a while.

Moving was a bear.


Hey, where ya been hiding?


Welcome back! We missed u 2!


Reply to @hotwebideas: Last three days have been over 100 fiverr orders.


Yeah when is the first Fiverr Party?