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I nearly fell off the treadmill

So a good number of us are pretty busy, and it gets worse when some buyers expect us
to be in front of the PC 24-7, and the expect us to respond within seconds.
Well surprise surprise, we have this thing called “life.”

The other day I was AWAY from the PC and went to the gym and was on the treadmill, and since my girl @nikavoice mentioned it before, I decided to watch some Ru Paul clips on youtube.

It was kiiiiiiiiiiind of a mistake. Sort of. I think.
First of all, I couldn’t laugh out loud because there were other people.
Second, I nearly fell off the treadmill a few times because I was trying so hard not
to laugh.

And DANG some of those ladies look…so darn freaking good!
Their outfits are amazing too, and they were made by them. That’s insane. (I CAN’T SEW!!)

I did get a good workout though.

So to my fellow sellers out there, do you guys do any sports/working out etc?

Personally I HATE moving my body to be honest, but heck. We need to stay healthy :stuck_out_tongue:


I walk from my chair to the fridge at least 10 times per day.


Zeussssssssss OMGGGGGGGGG, I’m glad you didn’t actually fall and hurt yourself. :hushed: I would’ve felt guilty since I got you started on the RuPaul drag thingy. :grimacing:

Drag Queens are fierce honey. [snaps fingers]

Clears throat… [takes a sip] :cup_with_straw:

Sorry, after reading what happened, I’m kinda gigglin’, I’m shocked that you were able to hold it in. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I promise I’m not laughing at you… Trust me, I’ve had some close calls in the past, too - no joke. But, I’m thinking of accidents like these. Ouchie! :small_red_triangle_down:

:no_entry_sign: Warning: Don’t try this nonsense at home folks!

The baby at 0:44 is too cute! :heart_eyes:
4:06 is @Woofy31 taking a light stroll.

I like to switch things up a bit. :sunglasses:

So, for me, it’s hitting the gym, walking, jogging, dancin’ :dancer:t4: cartwheeling if I’m in the mood lol :woman_cartwheeling:t4:. Jugglin’ :woman_juggling:t4: (nah, ya girl don’t juggle); bicycle :biking_woman:t4: rides; rollerblading; treadmill at home or hiking. I really want to try indoor rock climbing. See, I gotta take baby steps first before climbing the real thang. :smiley:

Anyway, I’m happy you’re OK!!! :sweat_smile: here’s :doughnut: and :cookie:! :coffee:


My fave is:

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Don’t hate on Wendy she’s all woman, Mike!

She’s just good at sounding like one. :sweat_smile:

How you doin’?

Me, just loving life, living the dream and posting:

That’s as far as I go, don’t want to end up like Joan Rivers.

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DANG, 10!!!??
I walk to the fridge maybe…5 times? 7 at most.
Wow, I need to catch up.
Fridge, here I come!


Cool… Would you ever bungee jump? I want to but then again I don’t scared :chicken:

You and your fascination with poochies. :poodle: :dog2:Cute! :wink:

When you see me post poochies, you know I am editing like crazy. Tyring to avoid @eoinfinnegan taking me for a walk like the last 2 minutes of Goodfellas. I pretty much just hang around now and comment on what a nice day it is, and how the weather is getting more pleasant every day.


Nah, I didn’t hurt myself, no worries. I just NEARLY fell. I’ll be more careful next time.
But dang, that photo you posted up there is quite amazing.

Just from the photo, I think my favorite is the lady in the purple dress and blue hair…
with that purple/blue flame curly thing growing from her face.
Not sure what it’s representing and how its staying there, but I like her overall look.

I also like the second lady from the right, the one with the…I dunno, it looks like a giant
shiny-glittery cork on her head, but I like the way she’s standing.

Makeup/hair/outfit is one thing, but another thing I enjoy about Drag Queens
is their creative name.

2 years ago I went to the gay parade with my friends in Seattle and I saw some
queens there…and the parade was hosted by Mama Tits.

Ahem, nice name there, mama!

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This is Eoin :small_red_triangle_down:, trying to dig himself outta the snow. Bad :snowflake: weather in his area. The poor feline lad just wants to come outside and play ball or get tangled up in yarn with his friends. :grin:

Need a shovel or snow gritter @eoinfinnegan :question: :snowman:


Hilariousssssssssssssss. :upside_down_face:

I like the Queen with the BIG hair posing on the floor (mint green dress). Right behind her is the ice blue hair and the one in pink next to ice- kinda look like Lil’ Kim. :sweat_smile:

Hmm, never heard of Mama Tits before :thinking:
I’ll google! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hang on @eoinfinnegan I’m sending supplies.


OK, I googled MT.

Yup, the name is perfect. :ok_hand:t4:

Danggggg look at the jewelz.

Well I walk around the yard, around the house and stretch occasionally in my work chair. But that pic with the queens…am I the only one naming off singers due to a likeness of sorts?

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I would like to see the list of names! :smiley: :smiley:

Oh @zeus777 that is hilarious!

I was with my son at the gym a couple of weeks ago and he took such a funny spill off the treadmill the staff joked with him that he would find himself on youtube one day :laughing: (he isn’t on your clip @nikavoice) That’s what happens when you have a mum who likes to tell jokes while on the treddy!

As for exercise/sports, I ran a marathon a few years back, but fell off the running wagon for a while due to life getting in the way for a bit. Back to it now, I made a good old new years resolution that actually stuck and I’ve gone to the gym or for a run every day since Jan 2, so yay me. I’ve gotta say I feel a lot better for it too!

I wish I was in Sydney tonight, as its Mardi Gras and going to be AMAZING! So many spectacular queens out and about, can’t wait to see some of it on the telly later :star_struck:


Sounds like a cool mom to me!
I am quite curious about the joke you told your son! :wink:

I started doing Zumba about a month ago. Quite fun, definitely works up a sweat, and my thighs hate me for it :joy: I also do yoga and some lighter exercises at home.

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I tried my best to do some workout…

Paid for 1 year membership of gym and went only for 6 days. Then I bought a treadmill… walked on it for 3-4 days. Man…I am super lazy now. Unlike Mike…I don’t walk to fridge. I scream out loud…WATER and hope someone gets me a bottle of water.

But I am walking a lot on “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” lately. That counts?

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