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I nearly fell off the treadmill

I teach English in the afternoons so I have to ride my bike. That’s enough for me.

However, living in France as an American I didn’t even know Ru Paul’s Drag Race existed. I stumbled across it on Netflix and watched all three seasons available in a matter of days. There is something about feisty drag queens that brings out the inner mean girl in me. Haha I love it!

Edit: (forgot to add)
I now follow several of them for their make-up tutorials because they are masters of the art.


Good to know! :smiley:

Cool! I’ve added this to my things-to-do list this year. Hopefully, all goes well and I just do it!
I love the outdoors/nature! :herb::leaves::deciduous_tree:

P.S~ I’ve never experienced Mardi Gras, someday I’ll make it down to New Orleans. :dancer:t4:

LOL, I think it would be totally cool to have a couple Queens as besties! :lipstick:

I guess I’m going to have to compete with you and try to make that 11 times per day. Dang! Just thinking about it makes me sweaty and tired. teehee

Katy Perry
Nicki Minaj
Elena Vladi
Lady Gaga

Just to name a few.

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