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"I need 5 United States google accounts phone verified, each account with a different Phone number. my budget is 5$"


The above is what somebody said to me for a buyer request. It is impossible for somebody for only $5 which is lack of compensation nor do I have that much money to spare over new phones/phone #"s that will qualify as a carrier and not a VoIP which doesn’t qualify for 2 step verification methods because only phones on cable and carriers can get put into that slot.


Then she gives me her skype # and username to call her. I’m just fed up with the amount of indecency on this website. I’m reporting her.


Yes report this person. It’s not this website, it’s the internet in general.


…and her budget is $5 basically $1 per account. :roll_eyes:
Do us all a favor and report her for trying to circumvent the TOS.


Not to mention being revoltingly cheap. :bird:


Good news: I reporter her. I didn’t mean this website alone. I have many decent customers who are straightforward. I was just upset at the time because I’m stuck without that $5 but hey it’s just one customer and $5. I’ve gotta work and stay positive. Thank you.