I need 99 person from 99 country


I have a small hapiness project. I will propose my gf in her birthday.

I need a video of you, saying “Happy birthday Sema” in your mother language at outdoor (street, square). I would be very happy if you write me your country if you want to help me for 5$. (I have got videos from 67 country until now. Still need 32 country :)) )



hey there I am from Guyana I am also interested


if you need anyone from Bangladesh, please send me a message.



Reply to @fuzzyleon: Its up to you actually. I just dont want to make English all of them. I want to hear different languages, and this is the great part I think.


Reply to @giangpiepie: Yes, Thank you so much :slight_smile:


I am interested, I am from Bangladesh , inbox me


sama really happy with the time I will make a video for you I live in Vietnam


Im from mexico :slight_smile:


@gulhangulez: oh you’ve already had vietnam :slight_smile: Well I just want to wish you the best! You’re awesome! Your girlfriend will love it :slight_smile:


Reply to @gulhangulez: Hi Gulhangulez :slight_smile: I am from Vietnam and I can help you with that. Inbox me if you want.




Reply to @gulhangulez: Hi, I am from Bangladesh. I am interested. Please mention the last date for submission of this offer and also the length of the video.


Reply to @badrmz: I can not send message to your box. Can you try to send me?


Reply to @badrmz: I would be really happy. Cuz I couldnt find single person from Saudi Arabia. I just need “Happy birthday sema” in arabic language at outdoor + remember to hold your phone horizontal. thats all :slight_smile: thank you man.


Reply to @rosevn: I have vietnam, but thank you :slight_smile:


Reply to @fuzzyleon: thank you man!


Reply to @gulhangulez: Please contact with me directly, if you want video from me.


Well :slight_smile: maybe you shold that that $400 + and buy something nice to your GF … :slight_smile:


which countries do you need?


I am interested, I am from the Netherlands, let me know :slight_smile:


inbox me???