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I need a bit of help!


I had a new buyer place an order for transcription last night, however, the buyer did not provide the audio/video file which I need to transcribe. I sent the buyer a message asking to send me the file but the buyer hasn’t responded.

The delivery time is 2 days. It’s been 19 hours and the buyer hasn’t been online or provided the file yet. I went to resolution centre and made a request to send the information I need to start the job, as well as a 24hour extension to make up for the time lost.

What do I do if the buyer doesn’t respond within the next 24 hours, or responds when the current timer runs out (leaving me with only 24 hours to complete the job)?

I appreciate your help!

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I’ve been in the same situation. Unfortunately, you may have to start a cancellation request. I’m assuming the order countdown has already started. The reason… if your sale goes late, and the buyer decides to cancel, you coiuld get hit with a 1 star review and a cancellation.

Good news, some buyers submit the order and bounce for the amount of time the project takes (EX. 2 days). They return at the end of the time and complete the order. Your buyer may have not even noticed they missed it, and a cancellation notice can get their attention. I would only submit a cancellation request if I exhausted all efforts (like it seems you have).


Thank you so much for your response!

Yes, the order countdown has started and there’s 1d 5h 25m left out of the 48 hour delivery time.

I have a feeling that the buyer had just forgotten to attach the file then went offline. And perhaps the buyer doesn’t have the app on his/her mobile device so they’re not getting notifications.

So far I have sent a message to the buyer as soon as he/she placed the order, politely asking to send the file so I can begin the transcription. Then 12 hours into the order I submitted a request ‘I didn’t receive enough information from the buyer’ with a 24 hour extension. My plan is to wait a couple more hours then submit a cancellation request.

Definitely not going to wait until the timer runs out! Thank you @loganstover for your advice!

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No problem. How much time do you think it would take you to finish the project comfortably? I would hold off sending the cancellation request until that time has passed. I would also send another general message now, just saying again in a nice way that it may have been missed and a reminder. You could even throw in a line about how you’d hate to submit a cancel but you may have to if the info is not received. I’m rambling now, so I’ll let you have at it :slight_smile:

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I would need about 36 hours to complete it (includes time spent sleeping overnight). So a 2 day delivery was enough time to complete it comfortably. 24 hours wouldn’t be enough time to proofread it and make sure it’s error free. hmmm…

I think that’s a good idea. I’ll do that and wait for a couple of hours before submitting a cancelation request.

You’re awesome, thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

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The buyer just responded agreeing to extend by another 24 hours and said that he/she thought that he/she had sent the file, so will try to send it again now.

YAY! :blush: