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I need a bit of important information

It’s almost 8 hours spend, but I didn’t received my fiverr payment in my bank. Usually it takes only 30 to max 40 minutes, but this time it has taken 8 hours and still the payment is in pending section. Today is Sunday, do payoneer works on Sunday? Because I’m in a doubt that due to Sunday the payment isn’t landing in my bank account. Could anyone please confirm it please???


@cre8iveartwork Please do you have any idea?

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I don’t use payoneer so … I can’t tell . It’s probably some kind of delay , most likely it’s nothing to worry about.

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I think you have to wait some more time.If you don’t get pay then contact CS.

could you tell me did payoneer send the payment on sunday?

I am not sure about that

If your buyer isn’t happy with what you delivered, the may not have confirmed it or even declined so you can’t earn the money yet. However, if they have forgotten about it, in one month (I think) Fiverr gives you the money due to the buyer’s inability to review the order.
I would say wait for a while and concentrate on getting and completing other orders

Hi it’s delayed just being a Sunday. No bank operates on Sundays

LOL, I suggest you @art_designs99 to please read the message again. The payment has been sent to my Payoneer account but its stuck in “Pending” section. I’m just asking if you know that whether Payoneer works on Sunday or not?

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But I’ve selected a 3$ fee, by which the money will only take 2 hours and its not mentioned on the payoneer page that they not send the payment on sunday.

However, you give me hope, I’ll wait for the monday. Thank YOU!

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I am talking about urs local bank . I mean to say all banks closed on Sundays . So not possible to make any transfer transactions.

I spend 5% of transfer amount and I get 4 hours service.

So you mean the banks are cloded on Sunday? Then why we can make the online transaction even on sunday?

Oh sorry! I’m not sure never used it sorry

have u ever heard about ROE

No, why? What’s that?