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Now, I have begged over a year now for a fiverr agent to change my phone number.
I have epilepsy and forgot the phone number I signed up to this account with. Past couple days a person got into an account I forgot about I had, I thought it was the main money account that had the gigs on it I’m selling. I panicked and it wasn’t. I tried changing my password to the main money account, but after I emailed fiverr staff I am now officially locked out of my account with no way back, contacted customer service.

They asked what number did you sign up with to verify? Well I don’t have that information due to memory problems from under going grand mal seizures. ToPShelfSEO was made in 2014 after almost 7 years!

I need a staff member to unfreeze my account and change the phone number. I’ve begged for a year prior to this. You can check all the messages to fiverr about my account. Those will be the main gripes. Now I’m locked out with active gigs and I don’t know if I’m getting sales or not!!!

Fiverr has made it awfully tricky for someone that doesn’t have access to the phone a person signed up with to their fiverr, without that I can’t get in my account to contact customer service, and then an admin locked me out after asking me the sign up phone number
I have no way of contacting staff other than this forum

Unfortunately, there is nothing anyone here on the forums can do. We are merely sellers/buyers just like you. We have no insight, or access, to your account. We, physically, cannot help you. The only resolution that you will be able to pursue is by communicating with Customer Support. I know that’s probably not what you want to hear, but it is what has to happen.

I don’t believe there is any other way to contact CS, than the methods you have already pursued.


You can email customer service.

I suspect one of the reasons they may not be responding to you is that anyone could make this argument and have someone’s phone number changed or access granted to someone who shouldn’t have it. There’s a reason they put blocks on accounts and they may see a risk in unblocking if they are skeptical of your claim.

I’m not saying you did this, but I’m just saying the whole point of phone verification is to prove your identity and keep you connected to your account. So I’m sure they get scams from people who have excuses for why they can’t get in and want a dubious account opened up or fraudulent access opened up. It could be that Fiverr is assuming you’re a scammer.

Yes, you still have email, but for all Fiverr knows the account may not be yours. It is easier to hack an email than to hack a phone number.

I love your youtube thumbnail gig.

The account you mentioned is getting recent reviews so I’m a little confused if you mean you are locked out of it or forgot about it.

Is that the account you mean you are locked out of? Who is delivering the orders on it now?
That account just got a review 6 days ago. If it’s your account how did you deliver an order recently? :confused:

Fiverr staff doesn’t read the forum (except for certain parts) or respond to posts like yours. You’ll have to email them.

Again, this is forum, just buyers and sellers. Nobody here can check your messages.

Are you saying that you have more than one account? That’s a Terms of Service violation, and all of your accounts could get permanently banned because of it.


I still can’t get into the account and they’re asking me on zendesk if I can contact family that knows the number. You can see the responses in my email for the associated fiverr account.

THE PHONE NUMBER I SIGNED UP WITH IS FROM 2014 I don’t remember, almost impossible. And have epilepsy so memory lapse issues.

As I and others have already noted, none of us can help you with this. We are not Customer Support, nor does Customer Support operate here on the forums. We do not have access to your account, or your email. You are going to have to work through the communication channels you are already working through in order to get this resolved.


Can you contact your phone company and ask them what the number was?

If you own this account, you will have evidence of receiving payments from it. In this case, a bank statement and similar proofs could help convince Cs that you are it’s rightful owner.

Sadly, the problem you have at present is that your entire story sounds like a sim swap attack script.

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No, I can’t. How would I be able to do that?

So, you can talk to Customer Support? Then keep talking to them, because they’re the only ones who can help you.

Seriously, what do you expect anyone on the forum to do? We’re not staff, we can’t unfreeze your account or see your emails, and staff doesn’t respond here.