I need a gig video!


I need someone to create a short video for my gig. Simple but creative is all I ask. Here is the gig:


I had someone create this here on fiverr for another gig but that person is no longer on fiverr :frowning: , so here is a good example of what I like:


You can reply here or send me a message on Fiverr letting my know fi you’re interested or if you have samples of your work.

I’d prefer to give the forum folks a shot at this rather than just randomly picking someone off of Fiverr so please contact me if you’re interested.

Thanks for looking!




Hola, any takers?



I can help you out

Here is my gig, have a snoop around and see if you like what I can do.



Amazing gig @ wolfstarpicture :slight_smile:


Okay, thanks for the responses and messages. I made a selection earlier today and will try it out. If it doesn;t work out I will be back.