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I need a Graphics Drawing Tablet


I want to buy graphic tablet for my works on fiverr. I don’t know anything about graphic tablets. I am doing doodle arts and other drawing things on fiverr

My gig-

I need to improve my graphic designing quality. So i decided to get a graphic tablet. But i have no idea what to buy.

I have 100$. My friends told me to buy Huion H420 graphic tablet.

Please friends help me to choose a graphic tablet…

Thank you.

Hey nthnuwan,
I tried art graphics design and I purchased a WACOM Intuos Medium with touch sensors which was exactly $100 USD without tax. I can tell you now, Medium may seem deceiving but for what I was doing it was just right. In addition, the feel was amazing, the tablets touch feels like natural paper and the pen was like a natural pencil feel with a bit of a grip. Having sweaty hands is not very uncomfortable if you were wondering by the way. I heard about some other tablets which I forgot the name to but I heard when your hands are sweaty your hands stick to the tablets and the feel is pretty uncomfortable.
Hope this helps!

I personally use cintiq 12 and it works out great, however for the $100 price I would recommend aiptek 14000 and it costs around $100 I guess:)

Reply to @lennadesigns: Wacom cintiq 12 is great, but doesn’t fit for my budjet. aiptec 14000 is great too.
what do you think about huion tablets?

Thank you for your comments