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I need a help for my account

Hello every,
I need a help. 2 days ago here is power outage problem so my response hour is caucuses to 4 hour .
so how can i decrees my response hour on fiverr profile.
advance thank you.

I don’t see how you can decrease it if you have no other access. Don’t forget to consider alternatives like the mobile app, perhaps an internet cafe that isn’t affected, etc. If it is a temporary issue, your response time will go back up with your power issues are over.

In the long run, though, people all over the world have varied access to internet and power. Many have issues due to rolling blackouts in the USA, similar power issues in other countries, slow internet in rural locations, etc. This affects all sellers. You won’t be the only one with slow response times. I have limited office hours, so right now my response time is slow. It isn’t a really big deal. Some buyers are interested in speed, but most buyers want quality above all.


You have to respond to any new messages ASAP.
Mine is 3hrs because someone sent me a message 30 minutes after I went to bed… causing an 8 hour response. You just have to respond ASAP.

As far as I can tell, in my own opinion response time means less than quality of work. However, I changed my mind on buying someone’s gig because their response time was 1week+ when I needed a gig finished in a day.

You shouldn’t have too much issue if it doesnt get above 1 day.

EDIT: My response time is back down to 1hr because I answered new messages fast. It’s an average.


I agree.

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