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I need a help from expert

Hi which software I can use for make a “MOTIVATIONAL film studio video intro”?

Davinci Resolve 12.5 It’s free. The Pro Version is around $1.000,- But the standard free version is already enough, even for the most pro’s.

Hitfilm 4 Express is free as well. If you want to do decent chroma keying, then I recommend Hitfilm 4 Pro as the chroma keying is excellent and the composite part of the program is a very good alternative for AE.

I use Davinci Resolve 12.5, Hitfilm 4 Pro for my feature film project. For the audio parts I use Sony Vegas Pro 12 (not free) and Audacity, as this free program has a good compressor.

And by the way, it’s “expert” and not “expart”.

Thanks sir for your suggestion…it’s very much helpful for me…and sorry for my mistake in spelling…

No problem.

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