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I need a help on this issue but is my fault


i am new here and having a job but at a time i lost my dad so i couldn’t visit my gigs for one week and when i comeback i find out that some client has CANCELLED their order. i went from level 1 now i have no level what are i going to do to bounce back please help me


I am guessing they cancelled their order because it went into late status or because they never received a confirmation message from you. Unfortunately there is little you can do in this situation, other than to make sure you deliver all future orders on time and get no negative feedback. It shouldn’t take long to get back up to level one. I am so sorry also about the loss of your dad. I just lost my mother-in-law 2 weeks ago. Yes, it was very difficult getting orders out with a houseful of relatives but I somehow did it. Just treat fiverr like a business, and getting level one back should not take long.


Reply to @blackfolder1: thanks my dear and God bless u. sorry for the love may her rest in perfect peace.


You’re just gonna have to get back to normal working and regain it unfortunately.

Thoughts go out to you and your family.


My prayers for your dad… lost mine in April…my advice is just to be honest with all of your future fiverrs. Stay in contact. Be honest with them if you think you might have a problem, or need more time. If I down rated every one here who needed time to deliver their best or who had a injury or death… I’d be public enemy number one :slight_smile: Hang in there, buyers will come back… and lot of people read these forum messages too. Maybe your former/soon to be buyers will read it and come back :slight_smile:

All the best.


thanks all and God will bless you all. now i don’t know if i have made a big mistake. i have rewrite my fiverr gigs i don’t know if that is OK.


May his Soul Rest in Peace…

Contact CC they might tell you what to do…next…


Reply to @dins_cool: which one is cc please