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I need a little help with my SEO Report

I need a little help…

I purchased an SEO Report from a seller on Fiverr. He had great communication and was easy to work with, but I am a bit confused. I don’t know a lot about SEO Reports I thought I had done my homework on them, but it turns out I’m still confused.

All of the links he provided me with on my report are have nothing to do with my business and the links aren’t even in English or from the U.S.

Now I did receive some website traffic, but it is not the website traffic I was looking for, I am receiving people from other countries; which is great but they aren’t even interested in what we are selling. That is a problem.

I guess my question is what do I do from here? Can I request another SEO Report that is more pertained to my industry and even in my country? I paid a good amount for this GIg and I would hate to see it just be wasted.

Talk to Customer Support. You asked for an SEO report, not web traffic–that seems to be an issue outside the scope of the gig? It’s impossible to know what went wrong without the finer details, but an SEO report suggests to me that someone just looks up what’s right/wrong about your website SEO, and nothing else.