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I need a order badly

hello there friends
i am jamal haydar.i am from bangladesh.i am a data entry specialist over the couple of years.
i have two gigs in my fiverr account.but i didnt receive any can i develope my gigs to get a first order?i need e suggestin from an experince person who can help me out.i badly need orders to survive in this virtual world

Jamal you have to try on consecutive basis, even i didn’t get any order after trying all things what experienced freelancers told. But after months of trying i get few orders and still looking for orders… Just try try try and rest is your luck

You should improve your gig image ,tags and descriptions .

I don’t see that you need orders “badly”.
If someone needs something “badly” they do a looooot to get to their target.
And you have only 1 min read time on the forum which means that you just created this topic and didn’t even bother to read all advices that was already given here.

And on top of that you are in a competitive niche that doesn’t really require a lot of skills but only having a computer and with a lot of other sellers offering the same service.


thank you for your advice

thank you very much for you comment
have a nice day

thank you very much daniyalzafar for you comment

look at the other posts on this subject

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