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I need a professional job worker on clipping path

Hey I am looking a professional worker on Photoshop editing with fluent expert.

I am professionally graphics designer worker on clipping path.

My work have been very professional and you can used in any social .
media and market place.
also use commercial area.

work services
background removing and retouching
photo retouching
photo manipulations
color replacement
image re sizing
clipping path
photo editing
color corrections
clear logo

100% pro work
100% satisfactions
100% fixed time completing work
100% money back guaranty
100% highly pro work
firstly job posting
for commercial used
high regulations.

I need a job worker on clipping path.
I can communicate in English very well.

By looking at your post which is obviously a spam, I don’t think so that you can communicate well in English.

No you can not communicate and you shouldn’t spam her, dork!

Fiverr should take a simple test before Letting people get in as sellers…

Couldn’t agree more.

Could be something simple as a multiple choice test for basic communication skills.

What is this? This is not a place to promote GIGs or services I think !!