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I need a short note for job description

I notice buyer have not been contacting me for the job i applied for, i notice that the text i put in the description of the job is not okay, so need a job description i can just edit and send it to job in buyer request.

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Why would you want someone to write a buyer request description for you? It should be personally written for the individual person you are looking to work with. It should detail how you would go about completing their project. It shouldn’t be a copy n paste message.

The way I do writer the buyer request job description, I just put it that I have gone through there job description and I am capable of doing the job, fast and diligent. Stile yet no body contact me, that is why I request for how to write it

What will you do fast and diligently? What will you do to complete this task fast and diligently?

Would you buy a service from someone who says, I could do your task fast? Or would you rather buy from a seller that explains what they will do to complete your project?

Okay, how give me your job offer to this job description.
I am looking for a someone to create a resume for me

I just wouldn’t apply to a request like that. There’s not enough information to be able to make a proper offer. Not worth my time. (Buyers who don’t know what they want tend to be a pain to work with.)