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I need a Test for free


Hello Guys :slight_smile:
I need a test for free about Graphic design.
Kindly if you can help me please inbox me :slight_smile:
Best regards … Nader


Fiverr has built in skill tests, where, for free, you can take a test on something like PS or AI and get a badge on your profile.
Does that help or were you looking for something different?


Hello Friend
yes … this is what i mean … test for PS OR AI to add on my profile :slight_smile:
do you know where i find this on Fiverr
Best Regards … Nader


On your profile page ( look down the left side and you should see “Skill Tests” and “Take a Test”


They’re for free. You don’t have to pay to take those tests.


yes i do it :slight_smile:
thanks guys :slight_smile:


Great. Next step, don’t blatantly copy others’ gigs.

Especially when you reuse a poorly written description and a spin-off of a trademark-infringing gig cover like you did.

I really gotta fix that


As I expected, I wasn’t the only one. Please take the time to write your own descriptions. Don’t put your design skills in jeopardy because of TOS violations.