I need a vacation, a real, do nothing, bored outta my skull vacation with sprinkle of sightseeing


I could either scream, pull my hair out or start crying.

I desperately need to get away. I’m scared and worried at the same time, but not sure why.

I’m thinking of a tropical island somewhere, anywhere, sipping frozen drink with tons of alcohol. :palm_tree: :palm_tree: :tropical_drink: :tropical_drink:

How’s your neck of the world? Can I come for a vacation?


Can’t exactly offer Tropics, sorry. It’s still under 10°C here (although I’ve seen the first people wearing short trousers, crazy Vikings) but spring is finally showing itself.


Don’t worry, Gina, it passes! I’ve felt that way often!

It’s actually quite nice where I live right now, although you have to overlook some things. I’m on the plains in the panhandle of Texas. The weather will be sunny and reasonably warm today. We do have lots of trees in town, so that’s nice too. If you drive a few minutes out to the country, though, it’s flatland, grazing land and cotton fields. Right down the street from me there is a really nice park with trees and a small lake (pond) that is stocked with fish. We just got fishing license last week, so if I have a break this week on a pretty day, I am dying to go out and try my luck! If we catch anything we have a little firepit in the back yard and even if the fish are just small, we could fry them up for the cats. :smiley: I have lots of alcohol and if you drink enough of it, you might see some palm trees here too. Come on over!


Well my country is most beautiful one but I know you guys will never come here. Just saying. :sweat_smile:


Gilgit is love :heart_eyes:


Oh no, not you too comforter-ess…

Well, I’m sure it’ll pass in time. But, if you need a real getaway, like a get out and shut out kind of vacation, you just could consider flying half way across the world to Africa. The signs of rains are here with us, we’ve got the forests, trees, animals, suffering, enjoyment, hospitality, scammers…name it. So, whatever your taste is, we’ve got it aplenty. And, most importantly, no one will track you down :smiling_imp:


I’d invite you to my neck of the woods but I have far too many wee stresses which I’m trying to escape from myself at the moment. Maybe think about the Galapagos Islands, Cambodia (anywhere away from the cities), Cyprus, or Co Kerry in Ireland. - That said, where are you actually based, to begin with?


I could wrap myself up in a blankie on the balcony of a nice hotel overlooking the water!! :grinning:

It’s not the weather as its almost 70 here today. I just need to get away from people I know.


I think she’s based in the world. Buhahahahahehhehehe :smiling_imp:


I have a friend that lives in Dallas/Ft. Worth area. She’s actually my closest friends. If I could, I’d drop everything and head that way.

She pampers me whenever I visit her. I just :heart: her to death.

Love Texas too!!

P.S.: I’m a seafood addict.


I actually looked up the mountains in Pakistan. It is so green, lush grass with beautiful lakes and such.

I’ve been doing research into food, culture, and places to see in a few surrounding areas for a book I’m thinking about writing.

I could see myself on a picnic with breeze going through my hair - troubles melting away. :grinning::grinning::grinning:


So, an African safari is on my to do bucket list. I’ve read about that too. It’s rather expensive but a friend of mind told me it’s worth every penny.

In 5 years, I shall be there.


Oh, renting a summerhouse for a week these days is actually fantastic for some reclusion. Further up the country, on the west coast. But I long for warmth and brightness.


I live on the Eastern Coast of US but these few weeks I’ve been hiding out elsewhere.

I have slow Internet, if any, and weird stuff going on right now.

Malta, is it? I’ve never looked that up actually. If I’m not mistaken, it’s a small island in the middle of everything. It’s gotta be gorgeous there. Of course, I have no ideas if the weather is also that nice.


Then come on… You won’t regret it.


In a few months it will be Greek summertime, and among the more advertised pleasures, I will enjoy the sight of overweight lobster-red German tourists in tiny speedos at the supermarket, overweight lobster-red British people getting comatose in the bars at night, and holier-than-Thou tourists tutting at the depravitiy of these two groups. The Scandinavians will combine both of these pastimes by being bronzed blonde tall gods and goddesses with the occasional genetic mistake. Oh, and the Americans. Those come in two varieties: normal and WTF. I prefer the WTF ones. They’re more fun, if crazy.

But right now, it is time for the German walkers with their hiking sticks, sandals and socks and sensible attire to take in the mountain air and march about. Anyway, Greece has plenty of interesting things to do on vacation and blah blah blah.

I will be muttering at home or elsewhere.


The weather is horrendously cold at the moment but hopefully will be summery by April. As for if it is nice, I suppose if I could see the place through the eyes of a tourist again, yes, it is nice. Malta, however, is just a big building site populated by dodgy self-righteous tax evaders.

I live on Gozo which is greener and much quieter but very boring this time of year. Most days me and the dog just snuggle on the sofa worrying about money, when the next chicken wing will be served, and where oh where did our favorite squeaky plastic boot disappear to?


I would enjoy all of that. Photography is one of my hobbies! :laughing::grinning:


What is it with Emmaki and overweight? I guess it’s time to run back to your weight loss group…


Perhaps I could have you do a one minute video on why Malta is the place to be for vacation - then you’ll have to try to see it through a tourist eyes. :wink::wink::blush::blush: