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I Need A Wordpress Developer or New WP Membership Plugin Solution


Hi Doers, I’m Don. I have an issue that needs fixing. If you can recommend someone here in the community who can fix this issue or even suggest another WP Plugin instead, please send me a private message about this matter. I am using WP Paid Memberships Pro Plugin on a website using the Divi Theme. The issue I’m having is this…The PMP Plugin needs 5 questions added to the registration page for my website that are currently NOT there…Simply 5 things I must ask my clients (INFO) before completing the registration and purchase…Nothing else…I need these 5 things/questions added in the registration form field BEFORE Checkout. That’s It! The problem is…I don’t know how to write the code, or know where to insert the new fields. If anyone can be of help with this matter, It would be a big blessing! Thanks



Hi Don,
It is against the forum rules to self-promote. I would advise you throw a “Buyer’s Request” for your requirement.


Sorry didn’t know that what I did…I was simply asking for someone to refer me to a fiverr seller so i can have the work done. My mistake…I’ll delete this post. Thanks a bunch.


No, no, I wasn’t saying you self-promoted. I referred to that because then it becomes difficult for someone to refer either themselves or someone else on the forum for your project requirements.

No need to delete your thread. :slight_smile:


…lol…My Bad. I don’t want to get in any trouble with fiverr. I didn’t see a Category in the forum to post so I thought it was fine. Thanks for the heads up tho. I understand now.



Dear Don:

I think you’d be safe if you amend your post to invite those folks to send you a private message.

That way, no one has to worry about the Self-Promotion Boogeyman…

Good luck,


Good Idea. I’ll amend it now.