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I Need Advice About Buying Followers For Twitter

I do not want to buy many thousands of followers. I might want 1500 followers added over two months, possibly more later. Can any person prompt software to add a smaller number of followers, approximately 50, every three days or twice per week? Can you add them at a certain time, approximately 3 to 4 a.m., so I will know that other accounts which followed me are not part of your accounts? Are you willing to prove that you can add approximately 50 followers instead of thousands at the same time? Do the accounts look real and contain a picture of a person instead of the graphic which Twitter assigns to it?

This is just my personal advice based on experience. I wouldn’t buy any followers at all. I’ve seen people claim to be able to do it with legit followers but I have yet to see proof that anyone really did so.

When I was brand new on Twitter I thought have a few followers would help me gain credibility. I was also new to Fiverr then. I bought a few hundred followers added 25 at a time from a seller. They came complete with profile photos of faces and cliches written in the space for info. They looked reasonably real to me, although I noticed pretty quickly that they weren’t real active people.

Maybe 3 months later I got a notice from Twitter that my entire account was disabled for questionable followers. I had to explain to Twitter what I had done (to my embarrassment) and beg for my business account back. They removed all my followers but let me keep the account. Fiverr could not refund me or anything since it had been too long. Waste of money and nearly lost me the account. Not worth it at all. If you keep following other people and follow back those who follow you, you’ll get your numbers up. Now I have a few hundred followers that are all real people or real companies and it took me about 8 months to get there. Way worth it.

Thank you. I did not know that Twitter would detect “questionable followers” and suspend accounts because of it.