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I need advice about where to go for advice

Hi jelly beans,

I’ve been on this forum a long time. So I know what an amazing collection of minds we are here–from all corners of the earth + experts in every subject there is.
Hence, I pose my quandary here.

I need a little bit of advice in like five different areas.
Some creative advice, some technical.
Some regarding new gigs I wanna put up on Fiv. And some (non-fiv) professional advice.

**I don’t know whether or not I’m allowed the non related to Fiv questions here.
** Regarding the new gigs, I need some guidance from people who already work in the field. I don’t see how I can ask for advice from a fellow seller–being that generally most sellers in a category are ‘competing.’

My friends and family either
don’t understand what I mean, :confused:
or don’t have any ideas. :no_mouth:

I’m open to any ideas, and appreciate your comments in advance.
Hugs, May :sunflower:

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You can ask anything here. You may or may not get useful advice. Try it.


Ok, well at @misscrystal 's encouragement, here goes . . .
Let’s see . . .

  1. I have all the equipment (recently purchased) to start 2 gigs: voicover and testimonials. I don’t know how to start and how to go about it.

  2. Again have everything ready to start my youtube channel and blog. But a channel needs one theme (or a few related themes). I have no idea where to start because I’m interested in/know about a hundred unrelated themes. My brain is everywhere at once.

Turns out I have a talent for guiding others. But guiding myself with these types of things is impossible.

I also have other projects with the same problem, but that’s enough for now.


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I can’t guide you on voiceovers but I’m sure someone else can. I was reading recently on the forum something about testimonials being disallowed on fiverr so that might be something on its way out.

As far as choosing a theme it seems like you should ask yourself what you know most about and have the greatest interest in, as well as what you think will gather the most interest from an audience.


Thanks sugar :slight_smile:
So that’s one item off the list yay!

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For voiceovers practice practice practice if you have no experience at it and make some samples. I was interested in that myself but it’s not easy and involves being good at audio editing and adding music and effects, as well as having acting ability.

:ballot_box_with_check: I have studied acting.
:ballot_box_with_check: I’m pretty good I think at audio editing–including music. The reason I think I’m pretty good at this is because I’m a musician (several instruments/singer/songwriter) and record professionally at home.

What I’m not clear about at the moment:
:question: What types of demos should I create? [I know I am able to record audio books, but not sure what else].
:question: a trusted website for free, royalty free music?

Thanks @misscrystal for taking and interest and helping :heart:
Did you give up on VO, or are you going to pursue it?

Edit: I don’t have a range of voices. I think my voice is the same in all my gig videos. But I’m not sure if this is true. I can’t see (hear) things about myself subjectively. I have absolutely no idea whether just one voice is ok for voice overs or not . . .

Music - This site appears to be great, but can anyone vouch for it?


Now I’m searching for royalty free (non-fiction book) texts . . .
(For audio book demo I’ve long ago decided on Alice in wonderland because it is one of my favorite books + is in public domain + absolutely perfect for my voice.)

Mod Note: Link removed

Ok so let me change the question ------.> If anyone knows of a safe, trustworthy site that offers royalty free music (for free), I will be so happy to receive a forum private message from you. :slight_smile: Thanks!


If you have the equipment to do video, you can go the way of being a “video spokesperson”. Doesn’t have to be anything too elaborate. Maybe start with simple stuff like doing introductions or short adverts.

You can be the face and voice to introduce a product or service for someone who isn’t comfortable in front of the camera.

Example: "hey people, you got to see this video! My friend (insert name here) just did this really awesome video explaining how to use (insert product or service here) Continue watching to see the demo video.

Hope you get the idea. :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think.

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I’ve listened to a lot of voiceover samples on fiverr and many have things that sound like radio advertisements, and answering machine messages as samples so you could listen to those and get ideas for scripts of commercials.

There is a voiceover I love which is the voice that answers the phone when I pay my American Express card: Hello! from American Express! Please say in a few words why you are calling. You can say things like, pay my bill! check my balance! or, something else!

Ok, check my balance. If that’s not right, press one.


@misscrystal and @idostuff4u :thinking: aren’t ‘video spokesperson’ and ‘testimonials’ the same thing? Are they soon to be extinct gigs on fiverr?

Nope, ‘video spokesperson’ and ‘testimonials’ are not the same. Maybe my example wasn’t a good one. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What is the difference? Every gig in the spokes category is videos of people saying how great products are.

Example: "hey people, you got to see this video! My friend (insert name here) just did this really awesome video explaining how to use (insert product or service here) Continue watching to see the demo video.

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A testimonial is generally, as used on fiverr, to mean that you are pretending to be an actual customer of a company who is delighted with what they got. This is what is not allowed.

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so this means that either i would have to happen to be an actual customer + love the product, or have the buyer send me the product . . . then see if I love it . . . then only agree to make a video if I loved it?

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You’re here Idostuff4u, you’re really here! I thought that something you had grown in your garden might have eaten you! It’s awesome to see you back!


Neither of these would be allowed. Any kind of paid endorsement would not be allowed.

This is what I’ve been reading on the forum recently.

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I’ve been watching lots of videos in the spokes category, and every seller + video is exactly what u just described

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Yes I know so I don’t know if it’s allowed or not, or if this is being phased out or not so you could ask customer support, but there have been some forum posts about this recently from people who had their gigs removed.

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