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I need advice from top sellers


I have a problem and I need top sellers here to advice me what to do. I’m working on Fiverr for more than 1 and half year now since my first order in the field of android development and I earned the level 1 and 2 badges. My problem started 6 months ago when I was very sick and wasn’t able to continue working. So I had to cancel an order mutually with my buyer which caused me later to lose the 2 badges of level 1 and 2 seller. I started working again 3 months ago and I was able to get few orders from buyer request and from old buyers. But still my gig impression, clicks and views are too low. I also earned again the level 2 seller badge. I tried to change the gig description, thumbnail, title and prices multiple times but nothing changed. No one contacts me at all. It is rarely if someone contacts me and all of them are new to the website and not serious to start an order. Just asking about prices. I’m not able to afford my expenses and I feel very disappointed. Any help please?

btw, I tried to contact the support but they wasn’t able to explain anything or help me in any way. Also, I don’t have any negative reviews. I have 142 review all of them are 5 out of 5 except 2 orders are 4.

I hope someone faced the same problem to help me.



I just looked at your profile. I see that you delivered a week ago and about a month ago you made multiple sales. You really aren’t doing bad for someone who had a setback.

I’ve had to go on vacation mode several times for my wedding, for vacations, for illnesses, etc. When I had to be gone longer than two weeks, the recovery time was always slow. The longer you have to be away, the slower the recovery time. If you weren’t getting any sales at all, there might be a reason to questions things, but you ARE getting sales and you are getting reviews. If you stick with the plan you will gradually get back to better sales.

If things aren’t going fast enough, search the forum for tips on promoting yourself through highly targeted marking where your audience is. There is room for that on YouTube, Quora and other forums, but they aren’t just quick “share a link” methods. Read some books about making your business into a brand and marketing your brand. There is no substitute for time and effort.


Thank you so much for your advice. Yes I got some orders but they were from the buyer request page and old clients after I contacted them again. My problem is that my gig statistics are very low. No one contacts me through the search or finding my gig there. But I’ll try to share it everywhere again as you said. Thanks again.