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I need advice on how to share my gig

Hello, just yesterady I decided to create a drawing gig, but Im wondering where I should share it.

I am active mainly on instagram, but I dont know if I should share it there.

So I decided to make use of the fiverr forums to get some kind of guidance, since most posts about sharing it stop at saying “you should share it on social media”.
I get it, but as I’ve never been into social media too much (I just use insta mainly as a way to record my “path as an artist”) I dont really have a following past my friends and family, so at this point, where should I share my gig?

here is my gig for reference, I’d be grateful if you guys could point out any flaws, or ways to improve it.

Thanks in advance for reading my post.

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Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Check out this post. Hopefully it’ll give you some inspiration.

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Thanks for anwsering! I still have a lot of studying ahead of me it seems :rofl:

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Something to do during quarantine, I guess. You’ll be more productive than me. I’ve just been playing video games. :joy:

The good thing about this site is it receives a lot of traffic. Even if you don’t market yourself much, or well, plenty of people will still see your gig.

I see you’ve included your social media details in your profile description. You should remove those, as we’re not really allowed to direct people to our social pages. If you want to show off more of your work, you can upload it to one of the sites that’s been approved by Fiverr.

(For the full list of approved sites, go here, then click on the last question.)

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Oh I didnt’ know! Ill make sure to remove it before I get the good old banhammer.

To be honest, I’ve been drawing for fun and playing games as well :rofl:

Thanks for taking the time to check my gig and even point out mistakes :pray:

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