I need advice on this please


Hello friends, i need an advice on this issue, I once had a Fiverr account which was disabled but my payoneer card was attached to it and now I have a new Fiverr account which I would like to attach a payoneer card for payment. My question is this, will my new Fiverr account be affect for attaching a payoneer card previously used on a Fiverr?
I once had that you can not have two Fiverr account on one payoneer card though the other Fiverr is already disabled.
I need your advice please, should I go ahead and connect my card to this new Fiverr account.
You can also tell me your experience.


Contact Customer Support and ask them for advice.


I already did but they are slow to respond.


Tweet them with your Case ID. They will respond Quick.


Will do that now. Thanks


They may be slow, but they’re the only ones who can give you the answer.


Support is slow to respond but the community is faster, now the community is telling you to wait for support to respond


I thought someone would have experience such.