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I need alot of sale now on my gig


i am a proficient develooper i need you to be my buyer my gig on fiverr kindly check my gigs here


You got crushed by an early buyer. Close your account and start over. We found out today that you’re allowed to do this, but you can’t keep this account open. You’ll never get going with your ratings - and the detailed thrashing you go from that early buyer.

When you restart…

If that’s really your picture, record a video for your gig. It will sell, and whatever limitations you have in English will be apparent to your buyers, and forgiven because you look so great and hopefully sound on the video like you know what you’re doing.

Our experience says it’s not you, though. So if you are going to create a fake persona, make yourself look really useful to entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses (99% of Fiverr buyers), not someone who just knows how to employ a stock photo.

Best of success to you.


@waviak which country you are from ? i thnk you are not from USA,

VPN Effect :smile:


who told you this a fake acccount


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Martina Stoessel is the name of the actress in the profile image.


You did NOT go to Harvard, the image isn’t you. How do I know? Because I know.
You want to be taken seriously and improve your gig, then start with your avatar. Put and image that relates to your services OR of you, not some stock image that anyone can do a google search and discover it’s FAKENESS (The condition of being fake).
Spellcheck/Grammar check. “i am a great and talented developer of any kind, either website, software developing, i am interested in getting your project perfectly completed”. Proficient English speakers don’t speak like that. Oh…and “develooper” isn’t a word.
You want to be taken seriously, then be serious about how your images, services and businesses overall are represented.


i am a female so be aware most of my images contained my artistic work


I guess you are not.

You are a web developer, not an artist, am I right?


thank you all for your time


hey i am also a graphics designer


okay, now what are you going to do?


well thank you all for your time


i can use any image as long as i am confidential in it using that image doesn’t mean i am not the one


@waviak Are you sure that you are the one in your profile picture?


i am not Martina Stoessel i have told you earlier that was my art work ???


are you sure??
there is no need lie, because you are busted…


so sure busted of what ??


ok, let’s agree to disagree here.
are you from the USA?


yes why are you interviewing me man ??