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I need an expert who can Improve my gig!

Hey guys, I need an expert who can improve my gig and evaluate the mistakes that I made while making the gig.

I’m not an expert but the main problem with the data entry gig is probably that the head gets cut off in the video thumbnail (that will get shown in search results and the profile). Since it’s throughout the video the only way to correct it is to change the video (eg. don’t make the video so narrow, maybe make it more widescreen like 1.78:1 and see if it fits and/or reposition things in the video so it’s not too close to the edge of the frame).

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very well illustrated by uk. What an amazing approach he has used to explain himself. And how brilliantly he has done troubleshooting. Highly appreciated!

If there is anyone else who can come up with a solution he will also be encouraged. Thanks!


Thank you so much brother. I will certainly go through this!