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I need an honest review

Hey there! I’m (sorta) new here. About a month of experience. I still haven’t gotten any orders. Could you guys please honestly review my gigs. Thanks, Fiverr community!!! :grin:


Hey friend to get more orders on your Gig, you should go high on pages, you need to be more active online

Create an eye catching gig base on your Niche and what you can offer

then Create a good eye catching GIG IMAGE

after that promote your Gig on Social Platforms

and lastly visit the BUYER REQUEST SECTION and keep sending Job Proposals

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I’have got only one order , haha

Alright, so for the social media kit gigs, change the gig name. I used to have a gig called, “I will get your YouTube channel started” which got almost no clicks. Once I changed its name to, “I will create an intro, outro and channel art”, a lot more people started clicking because they understood what it meant!


Thanks so much for your feedback :smile: I will keep your suggestions in mind.

Thanks so much! This will help me a lot. Thankyou!

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you have to active more time in fiverr and sent 10 buyer request every single day. i hope you will get 1 and more order from fiverr.

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I think you should attach your own video describing your service. That may be more helpful.

Thankyou! I am submitting buyer requests daily.