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I need Authorised contents for various subjects

Hello everyone,

I need Authorised Contents About cars,Animals,Sports.

To be more detailed I need every information about cars :Brand , Model , Type , Engine , Country , Year , Pictures … etc
Animals : All categories , Names , Types , informations with pictures … etc
Sports : Football Players : Names , height , weight , clubs , Picture … etc I want a provider to sell me Authorised Contents without copyright issue. Would appreciate if you find me an email or website.


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You can get the content from Wikipedia, and for the images, you can use Google’s Advanced Image Search.

@yariga Perhaps this is what you’re looking for:

I need Legal Content that I can use it later for reselling purpose without having copyright Issue

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Oh ok, then you will need to hire a writer.

I need Authorised contents for reselling purpose . thanks anyway

Ok, but I don’t think that you will find such a company over here.

Not really . i need a company who has ownership of contents and they have right to sell it

I’m sorry if i wasn’t clear enough . What I want is a company who has right to sell contents and If I use the contents i wont have copy right issues in future to use them in my website or service.

Anyways, good luck! If a seller knows about any such company, then they will surely tell you about it.

Dude just download 38 million PLR books like everyone else does. Your site won’t be very good, but that’s the whole point of PLR.

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The problem is that anyone can say they have the copyright to anything.
How do you know it’s true?

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