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I need Brutally honest Feedback on my gig


I just posted a new gig
I need constructive feedback from you guys
Be brutally honest if you must. Don’t worry. I can handle it :slight_smile:

Here is the link


So I like a lot of the /content/ in your ad, but I feel like the phrasing could be better. For instance: “I will make sure any changes requested are made in the shortest amount of time.”

Inspire confidence in your buyer. Something like: “I have all of my own equipment, and can quickly adapt or alter a track to your needs.”

You mention you have give years of experience, but give us some meat to go with that claim. Tell us about some of your specific experiences you’ve had, however minor. Maybe your music has been used for an advertisement, or you got to work together with an artist you admire. Just make sure it’s true.

There are some minor spacing / capitalization errors to be fixed (e.g. YouTube sounds way better than youtube)

Your prices seem a little higher than I might expect for right now. As you gain reviews you can raise your price. I would consider adding a way to get commercial rights for your ‘basic’ package. If I only want 2 minutes and 4 instruments, I won’t want to have to buy the next package up for commercial rights.

You’ve got good stuff, legitimately–just make it sound more like you’re gonna sell it to me.


Don’t know the work involved but the one he linked seems potentially underpriced.


Thanks a lot, Josh.
I haven’t worked with any artists the clients might know. I have only worked with local and indie artists. I have no placements in adverts so it’s quite tricky when it comes to adding meat, as you said.
Do you have a suggestion on how I can work around this?

Thanks again for your input


Hey Wooden

Can you elaborate more on what you mean when you say “potentially underpriced”?

Thank you


Actually Leslieaddo you have a perfect opportunity to emphasize the brilliant work you have done with local and indie artists. Something like " Over the years I have been honing my skills and experience working with the Indie and local artists, and we all know how difficult they are too please?" As joshcates says sell yourself. You have the talent, at the moment you are just not able to express it properly. Think of coca cola, it’s basically a sugary drink, but marketing can make it sound like the second coming. Now think “how would I market myself”


Wow. I would have never thought of it that way.
Thank you indybutts.


Yes! Mention you’ve worked with local and indie artists. That’s very interesting and sounds great. You don’t even have to name names, just like…
‘I have five years of experience, during which I’ve worked with many indie and local artists, helping them to etc etc etc.’ That sounds great and would hook me imediately.


Will do just that!!!

I’m very grateful for the input


hey there Leslie…just listened to your beat in the demo, and I thought, “okay. Let’s hear some more.” I work in voice over which is different, but in our demos we usually have 4 or 5 different sections to show range. Maybe another two beat tracks showing some differences would be cool so people can see you have range or different styles.

Much success to you!


Thank you andy. I will make sure to add some more


Sure thing, Leslie. Let me know when you do as I have a friend who produces music and is always on the lookout for excellent beats, but is extremely careful about the quality of the work, so he would need to hear real beats. He’s been disappointed by some providers as their work sounds like it was made on a phone and not professionally done.


Haha. I can relate.
I myself have been ripped off a couple of times.
But I will message you as soon I make the updates.


Try adding a video to your gig. Make it easy for customers to sample your work right away when they find you through a search.


Guys, I made a few changes to the gig. Please check it out and let me know what you think.


Your brutally honest feedback can be summed up in one word…excellent.
Congratulations on your first order by the way.


Awesome sound leslieaddo


Can you sample a record of my choice?:relieved:


Thanks a lot indybutts
The name still gets me every time :smile:


Surely Muzimemon.
We can always make it happen