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I need buyer How can I get it

Hi there ,
I am already complete 5 order . Now i need more order . I am YouTube marketer . I can promote video views . how can I get more order .


share your gig social media.

Promote your gig in social media! Then you can find buyer!

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Its not that simple. Its a myth which is debunked in this thread:Top 5 Fiverr Myths - Debunked!


Which social media should he choose? There are many to choose from.

How should he promote the gig? Do you mean write a long advert, or submit a simple link to the Fiverr gig? Or something else?

Why will he then find a buyer? Is this guaranteed?

What will be the tangible benefit of promoting the gig on social media?

If you’re going to make such a broad statement as “Promote your gig in social media!”, you need to justify how to do so and what the benefit will be.


what kind of social media

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ok I am trying It . Thank you .

This is right . tell me the complete process please and thank you english_voice . you are a creative man . :slightly_smiling_face:

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