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I need cheapest HR youtube views ,no problem if they are bots , fake or whatever

hello guys i need cheapest views on fiver , my budget is $10 and i want lots of views for one video , i dont care if they are bots or fake i need the biggest amount and the cheapest price , i dont care if they removed the video or channel , nor i will report so no worries if the video gets removed or the channel ,

so please offer me your amount , note my budget is $10
you offer your views amount , they must be HR , means they should watch the video full time , the watch time of the video is [ 2:34 ] only

views have to be send within 24 hours , don't ask for 48 hours , i need them within 24 hours
plz reply with your offer thanks

100 times in 24 hours

talhausman said: talhausman

what do you mean ? 100 times in 24 hours? can't you just explain better? if no than please don't waste of your time by posting such LQ posts , comments