I need constructive criticism on my gig


I just joined fiverr yesterday. I posted my first gig and I need some constructive criticism, since you guys know a lot more than I do at this point.
Thanks a lot.
Here is my the link


Hi leslieaddo, I think your gig is excellent,very clear and easily understood. As far as pricing is concerned I don’t know enough to even express an opinion. I am sure someone else will help you with that. One small thing that you might consider removing from your profile is this “I don’t take breakfast…ever”, somehow it just doesn’t seem to go with everything else…or maybe that’s just me. Well done.


Thank you very much.
Yh I just might take the breakfast thing out.
I like your name btw, indybutts. lol


I know what you are thinking lol, but it’s actually the combination of two horses names


that makes things a lot clearer. :smile:


Looks great!

May I suggest you two things:

  1. Utilize the frequently asked questions functionality as a way to answer the most common questions your buyers may have;

  2. Encourage your potential buyers to contact you first before placing an order so you can create a dialoge and relationship with them that will help you close more sales;

Hope this is helpful! Great work!!


Thanks a lot.I will do just that


Welcome on fiverr :slight_smile: your gig is great, best of luck


thanks.It means so much to me. Best of luck to you too