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I need creative help

I didn’t know where exactly to search for this but I’m looking for some creative help with naming the levels of my fitness membership site. Anyone with experience with this please message me, thanks.

I believe our forum’s very own @jonbaas offers branding and naming services here on Fiverr.

If you check out his profile over on Fiverr, you’ll be able to view his work and contact him to discuss.

It looks as though his account is suspended…

Ah, I see… How odd. Although, that’s his forum account, so wouldn’t stop you from reaching out to him via Fiverr.

You can still follow the link there to his Fiverr account, which is where you would need to go to discuss business with him (or any other seller) anyway.

Your other option is of course to head to and search for something like “business naming” or “brand ideas” and engage some of the sellers - there’s lots of people offering the service you’re looking for.

All the best.

Thanks so much, I appreciate it.

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