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I need css table replication


Sorry my english not good.

Demo: Fragglesrock

My demo:Fragglesrock

(you can use my demo)

You see demo.

i need only part of About.

But i want 5 columns, 10 columns, 15 columns

Like this:

who can do ?



Hi and welcome to Fiverr. Great to have you here.

Posting links that outside of Fiverr is not cool and may get your post deleted.

Your post is not a “Tip for Buyers”, it is a request for services. Fiverr has a feature for that called “Buyers Requests”. When you are logged into Fiverr (not the forum), it is in the links at the bottom of the page.

Or you could put it in the “Chit Chat” section of the forum.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


i will open a Author site. i want 4 different membership. ( like: beginner, master,professional bla bla)

and i want show my professional members 5 columns in page.

and i want show my master members 8 columns in page.

and i want show my professional members 10 columns in page.

3 different page or 1 page (if works onmouse effect)

i hope you understand now :frowning:

and i want this site: (part of About)

(but they make big tables for About peoples)

( i want little small and more people on line)

(bcoz i have 1300 people Author)

i copy css and html codes from Demo site and create my demo:

you can use my demo page codes.


Please remove this post.