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I need details about REVISIONS

Hello, we’re interesting how you are making this one: When you finish order, you just deliver it and after this making revisions, or first showing in chat, making revisions and after this closing an order?! Thanks


You should send the work with watermark first. If the client wants to change something then you should change it and send it with watermark again. If everything is cool you can deliver it as a final work.


where we can find watermark for music?

You can just type to google “free sounds” or “free watermark sounds”. :slight_smile: I found some but probably , link sharing not allowed.

You can send the buyer low quality file .Or you can use no revision for that kind of orders .

You need to send your final delivery on the order page, no audible watermarks etc., the final file.

Watermarks are fine for sending in the message system for the buyer’s okay, but not as the final delivery.


water mark music ads your voice inside or keep some trouble inside music :slight_smile:

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