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I need experts help


I want to advertise my gigs on google ad-word & facebook advertise. Any one here who can complete guide me. How to make more effective ads ?


You better check with customer support first on whether that is permitted as per the terms of Fiverr.


READ FIVERR TOS - there is clearly mentioned - Fiverr do not allow to advertise gig on google ad words - that will VIOLATION of fiverr terms. There is no such feature for advertise gig on google ad world. - You can post your gig on your own website or social network - that’s only allowing.



Thank you bro, i don’t know about this. Can i advertise my website ?? or Facebook Advertisement allowed by fiverr ??


So sorry i am not know that fiverr don’t allow to advertise on google ad-world . Thanks for let me know. :slight_smile: Can i advertise my gig through facebook advert , or can i advertise my own website via google ad-word.


If the TOS says no to adwords, that shall be interepreted as any ad network, as per my understanding. You better check with Fiverr support on this. It doesn’t matter whether it is your website or others.