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I need Facebook ad setup


I need someone to setup Facebook ad for my boss. This is what his requirements are,

I am looking for Facebook Ads that can promote my services. I have had success targeting beauty salons and are so caught up working with them I would like to expand and begin targeting restaurants. That’s where I need you, I would like for you to set up Facebook ads directed towards restaurant owners who are seeking to help fill their seats and boost sales using internet/social media marketing. Basically all I want from these ads are leads that will be interested in setting up a meeting with me to see if I can help. I am very new to this and picked up all my other clients by cold calling and going door-to-door. So please let me know what you would need from me. This all all a learning process for me.

If you offer this service, let me know on my fiverr inbox with your budget.



I’ll help you to set up your ads campaign