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I need fast advice what to write as the review for the buyer


Hello dear colleagues!

I would like to hear your advice what me to write as a review for the buyer who left me 4 stars.

The problem is that`s my main gig and the buyer before this one left 4 stars also. All the previous buyers left 5 stars.

This is the gig>

The previous buyer left 4 stars because of the reasons I wrote in the review for him, and I`m ok with that. After that experience, I updated gig description in regards to that experience.

And now about THE NEWEST buyer for which I would like to hear your opinion.

The situation goes like this. He message me before ordering asking me can I act girl from the song he sent to me - doing makeup in front the mirror and acting sweet. (most of the time musicians ask me that kind of stuff for the music videos) The mirror was the center of our conversation. I sent him photos of the two mirrors I have, he chose one and placed the order.

I did the video material. The full HD files were too big to upload them on Fiverr so I needed to upload them on Google Drive. So I delivered the downloading links, which means the buyer is able to download it without accepting the order. I wrote to him if he needs the revision to be free to tell me.

After two days, the buyer showed up and click for the Revision. He wrote “Hello, please do some walking on street or park video”

I was angry. He didnt ordered that. And by the way, its not easy to me to do outside videos because of 6-7 reasons, and it irritates me someone thinks is just like that / go on the street and do it in few minutes.

I wrote to the support and they told me I`l right but I should solve it with the buyer.

I redelivered the same files, and explained the buyer that he didnt order that. And I explained to him also that its not so easy to me to do the outside videos and wrote all of my 6-7 reasons to him. Btw, only 18 hours left for delivery and what if here is raining or it is the night time? And maybe I have offline job during daytime, and MORE other things. I said he can make another order for outside videos, but it would cost more because of that many factors, including traffic tickets, one more person to look out at the camera someone doesn`t steal it while I acting and that other person to shot me, the money for that other person also, etc.

After that, he accepted the order, left me 4 stars and wrote “Good”.

I wanted to ask you for the advice what I should write as the review for the buyer?

4 stars is not so bad, but there is another person bellow that comment also giving 4 stars.

Should I just chill out and write “Satisfactory experience” and give him 4 stars, or should I publicly explain what happened?

Thank you very much!!!


Yes - life’s too short to worry about losing 1 star. :slightly_smiling_face:

Why not make his day and give him 5 stars in return - even better! :star2::star2::star2::star2::star2:


Thank you for your opinion.

I dont know, Im not sure what`s better :smiley:

That is from you personal experience? :slight_smile:


Yes - life in general, not on Fiverr - you’ll feel better for it if nothing else.

Always be the bigger ‘man’ - even if you’re a girl obviously! :sunny:


I like your idea :slight_smile:

And, yea, it`s luckily just one star less… I was afraid it would be much worse.


There you go - a bonus! :slightly_smiling_face:

Out of hearts BTW! :purple_heart:


I hope that doesn`t means he will come back to order again because I had so nice 5 stars experience with him :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I think he concluded I`m too hardheaded to try to take advantage of me again :grin:


Another option is to give him 4 stars, too, and to state in your feedback that he asked for a lot more than he paid for, and that he wanted it done for free.


Yea, its good to do also. Im wondering what review will gonna look better in the eyes of the future (potential) buyers.

If there is only one 4 stars review I would do that, but because there are two 4 stars review I afraid me not to look like too negative person if I start to rant in both of them. :frowning_face:

Thank you. :slight_smile:


Ranting isn´t good, no, but stating facts should be fine.


Yea, I agree. :+1:

I just showed the whole situation to the person who is not on Fiverr to hear how that looks to someone from outside. His impression is that if seller got 4stars it is better seller to review like it is something not so important and to give 5 stars, so the future buyers will be under the suggestion that it isn`t big deal and maybe they will not notice 4 stars as something of much importance. :slight_smile:

p.s. I gave the buyer 4 stars now and I wrote he wanted more than he paid for, but it is not still updated on my gig page.


I think it´s perfectly fine to give the same number of stars back to a buyer who asked more than they paid for etc. If 4* isn´t a bad review for a seller, then it´s not a bad review for a buyer either. And it may tell other sellers to be careful with the buyer, even without any ‘rant’ accompanying.
If a buyer gave a seller less than 5* but the seller gave them 5*, I, as a buyer, may assume that the seller thinks the gig wasn´t worth 5* too. But that´s just me and some people say always rate a buyer 5* no matter what, and it´s your choice, of course. :slight_smile:

Your person has a point too, but, either way, 5 or 4, given from seller´s side, isn´t really a big deal anyhow as long as buyers’ reviews are so difficult, or not possible at all, to research.


If I were you, I would take this opportunity to let other buyers know that you do not provide extra work FOC.

I had a buyer recently who asked me to download their app and use screenshots in an article. I said no. The app was obviously a scam/malware riddled piece of garbage designed to steal data from your phone. (Hint: Using a cryptocurrency wallet which wants you to allow the app to take screenshots is a very bad idea).

Anyway, the buyer went nuts, even though if screenshots were so important, they could have supplied them. They then left a 1-star review when I refused to cancel. I then took that opportunity to warn other potential scammers not to bother.

I currently have 2 orders which buyers aren’t 100% happy with because I haven’t included a free logo with one or a free video with the other. If they leave feedback reflecting their ‘poor experience’ I’ll then just use the opportunity to remind other buyers that actually, I don’t create logos and requesting one is just a tiny bit mental.


Great thinking the seller should use that opportunity to let other buyers know he wont work for free! I think thats really useful for future sales.

I`m sorry about your bad experience and I hope two problematic sales will solve in the best way.

“requesting one is just a tiny bit mental” - I`m not sure is it good you to write that, maybe it is even against TOS? Because it could sound like offense.


Bravo!:clap: a perfect piece of advice.


My issue is resolved! :smiley:

The same buyer contacted me few hours ago to order another gig from me so I said I will be glad to work with him again but I would like to ask him first why he gave me 4 stars? Was he unsatisfied with delivery files?

He said he was satisfied so I asked him he to update his review via Resolution Center, which he did! (he gave 5 stars)

It is not publicly visible right now but it will be within 12 hours or something :smiley: