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I need friends am feeling boring

Guys, I started freelancing since 2019 and I got 0 orders so whenever I tried to stay online I feel very very boring. because there is nothing to do so I need some friends to talk to them when I online hope you guys understand.


When you bored, the Fiverr Forum is a great place to hang out because there is much to learn here.

If you use the :mag: search feature, you can find information on many topics. You may learn lots bout how to improve your gigs so you can get sales. Also, there are games you can take part in, like the emoji game.


Where I can find the emoji game

@vickiespencer has very kindly already given you the answer to that question! Read her comment again.

(clue) :mag:


ohh SO i have to search it hmm

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You’re getting the hang of this! :wink:


@zainmia, Before you join in with the emoji game be sure to read the rules at the beginning of the thread. :wink:

You can post in the Conversations section of the forum about your interests and hobbies.

If you post a thread about something that interests you, I’ll try to participate, if I can.

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Hi dude, here you can post somthing and talk to people with the same interest of yours! I hope you the best :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey! Keep trying and being patient!

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Thanks for motivation

Don’t link your happiness with orders, do what under your control then don’t care, the life is greater than what you are expecting.

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Well if you are getting 0 orders, then you should take tips from the community.
:zipper_mouth_face: share your gigs on facebook and twitter :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face:
hope this helps!

does clicks views and impression matters to get orders or not?