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I need genuine feedback on my new Gig

Hello everyone, today I have published a new gig following the recommendations I have received here. Please feel free to visit my new gig and give me feedback on what more I can do. Thank you in advance.
The following is the link to my new gig:

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Maybe use some more images (catchy ones) and a video

Hey there! I’m still waiting for a link to your award when you can find it! :slight_smile:

Thank you,I will add some more images.

Here is another of my Gigs, Please give me feedback.

I don’t particularly have a link to that award

Your pricing doesn’t even cover the time you’d spend doing the required research, let alone the time and value of the writing.

So people are going to question your quality, value and professionalism.

Also, remember that the people who want case studies are usually B2B and pretty corporate. They think in terms of value for their company. Your descriptions and pictures are not going to attract this audience. Instead, they may repel them.

Always design and market your product around the buyer persona of the people who would be purchasing your product.


Thank you for that.I will address the issues.

So how can people tell that you received that award? You can’t link to the contest or the award.

Did they email you about it?

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Yes I am having the image to that certificate

Can you share the certificate image then?

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It contains my images and personal information

You can blur those out for sure. I don’t want to see your personal information.