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I need gig reviews


I need reviews for my gigs.


The only way you can get reviews is by selling your gigs - only buyers can leave reviews. :sunny:


Sell and have satisfied customers


you need to do promotion and convince the buyer you are the best for the work


Don’t we all need them? :wink: Don’t we all…


Only way to attract buyers through buyer request section and get an order on your gig and get a 5 star review . It takes time but you have to move on and keep pushing yourself.


Are you looking for advice how to get sales, or are you asking for someone to check out your gigs, as indicated by the chosen category in your other thread?


i need an Audi so give reviews about my gig too so I could buy it :smiley:


Satisfied your customers by providing awesome fast service


Surely you are not asking random people on the forum to give you reviews. You have to make a sale and then get a review.