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I need guidance for withdraw in Pakistan

Hey everyone! It’s Aqsa Abid here from Pakistan. Hope you all are fine and safe. Is there any expert from Pakistan who can help me about “how to withdraw money in Pakistan” I need your sincere suggestions which one is a good option? BANK TRANSFER OR FIVERR REVENUE CARD? Can someone please guide me about the procedure and the charges the cut.


If you withdraw to Payoneer revenue card then you will be charged $3 in each withdrawal.
Transfering to Bank account (Payoneer) is totally free. But Payoneer charges while withdrawal.

Are there any annual charges if I use bank transfer?
And will you please tell me how much payoneer charges?

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Payoneer revenue card option is also free, whenever i click on that option my funds instantly came into payoneer account, without any deduction.

Hello Aqsa, i am also From Pakistan. Simple and easy steps. I follow these.

  1. Withdraw to Payoneer
  2. From Payoneer you can withdraw to bank and Jazz Cash As well.
  3. I withdraw to Jazz Cash because there is no limit you can withdraw even 5$.
  4. If you withdraw through bank there should be at least 100$ in your payoneer account.
  5. If you withdraw from Jazz Cash no charges will be deducted and also you need to have JazzCash account in your mobile phone.(as i do)
    Hope it will help, thanks. If you need further help let me know.

You will be charged 28.99$ every year

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Thank you soo much @hamza1424. I just want to clerify one thing. I have heard that while withdrawing from jazz cash they cut 1 or 2 dollar for every transaction?
Are you sure they charge no fee? Just a clerification because I am new.

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Payoneer is the way…
create a payoneer account and then verify it completely by adding your bank account in it.
after that you can connect your payoneer with fiverr by using bank transfer option and fiverr will send payment directly in your payoneer.
then there are some methods to withdraw from payoneer. you can apply for a master card but there are annual charges for the card. next you can deposit in ur bank. next you can send to jazz cash…
Have a nice day


Hello Aqsa, they don’t deduct 1 or 2 dollar. In my case few rupees were deducted. So you can withdraw from JazzCash. Its convenient.

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I guess Payoneer is the only best option to transfer your money. Don’t go with the revenue card. I think even if you withdraw from Payoneer. It will deduct few dollars. But that won’t hurt. Best of luck and do share your experience after using any of these options.

Thank you @saifeealii

Thank you @hamza1424.

Mam can you please tell me after payoneer which one is better?
Jazz cash or Bank transfer

Thank you @mariayasir

I seriously don’t believe in jazz cash. If you’re in a urgent need of money you can use jazz cash. But bank transfer is the best. Also if you have plenty of amount earned from Fiverr then you should withdraw it otherwise dont. Because first Payoneer and then bank transfer will take charges. I think you should go through terms of Fiverr. You’ll get complete details there.


fouzia has given you a wrong advice… Jazz cash is always better. For bank transfer, minimum withdrawal is 100$. But for jazz cash, you can even transfer 1$ and its very fast and convenient. They only deduct like 1% or maybe 2%… i recommend you Jazz cash. you can easily create a jazz cash account by going to play store and install their app and then u just need a jazz sim card in your phone through which you can verify it.

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I think you should try transferring directly to bank account as i think it is free.

Totally agree. Why take a risk on Jazz cash?

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LMAO… what’s the risk on jazz cash? if you cant trust a registered, working from 1994 jazz company… why would you trust a bank? so in this case, we cant even trust a bank… because they are even more complicated. Well i am using jazz cash from a couple months and i never had problems with it. But if you are making a lot of money like a 1k or more dollars every month, you should use a bank… But for me, i usually want to withdraw my 20 dollars once or twice in a week so i prefer jazz cash… you can also order their master card which is 600PKR (only once) and you can withdraw your money from any ATM. (A bank will deduct card charges every year).