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I need help a buyer and I can't seem to get 8 sales to go through


I’m doing 8 gigs for a seller but we can’t seem to get the gig to go through. Here’s what we have so far. He bought 8 of my gigs. I don’t see them in my to dos or new orders however, when I do into my history conversation with him i see 8 sales. So i can see that he did indeed purchase 8 of my gigs. I sent an email to fiverr and so did he but as you know they never respond. You’d think with all the money they make off of us they’d hire make a live chat options and hire a few i.t people to man it. I mean geeze. anyway…has anyone had this problem and how do we fix it. should i have cancel all the gigs except the ones that actually went through but if he cancels the gigs will that go against me some how? i have 100% feedback with no cancels and I’d like to keep it that way.



Hi there. If you have indeed opened a support request, the best thing to do is provide the ticket number here and we can follow up for you. Otherwise please let us know if your problem is solved. Thanks!