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I need help about auto refresher

is there any problem if I use an auto refresher on my profile page?


Yes, it’s against Fiverr rules and could get you banned.


one guy show me the screenshot, that’s why i am getting confused about that


The communication from CS is about using notepad to write your gig description. The OP asked about using an auto refresher. They are two different subjects. Notepad is a word processing tool. Auto refreshers automatically refresh the web page.

I am a substitute teacher. I had an autorefresher app going when I first joined Fiverr to refresh the page where I did job searches. When I joined Fiverr I had to delete the app because Fiverr kept kicking me off the site when I used it.


so this is against the fiverr rules, right? i just want to know about this.

Yes, it is. In additon auto refresher apps make Fiverr impossible to use.

Fiverr seems to auto refresh on its own. I get messages quickly when they are sent through my computer and my phone app.


Being online all the time does NOT give you more sales. It doesn’t matter. If you are not at your PC when someone sends you a message, it doesn’t matter if you are online or offline. Stop trying to find shortcuts, there are none.

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Though that CS rep is saying “You can use Chrome auto-refresher as long as you reply on time whenever you receive a message” (my highlighting).

Though I thought we’d been told we couldn’t use it (or other auto-refreshers) in the past.
Maybe you would get kicked off Fiverr for using it (or it would keep asking you if you are a robot etc) or it might depend on the settings/how often it refreshed.

Though maybe the “as long as you reply on time whenever you receive a message” is the important bit for them. But the auto-refresher would make the “online” display on the site potentially meaningless.


i am not trying to find any kind of shortcuts. i just want to make sure about this confusion. but thanks for you advice

I did not notice the part about the auto refresher in The CS message. That being said, I find that Fiverr auto refreshes ever time I get a message. Therefore, I see no advantage to using it. :face_with_monocle: