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I need help about cancelation

One buyer place order and i respond to him, deadline 2 days but after 1 days i don’t see he reply, so i decided to mutual cancel, and he did not accept too ( think he kind of busy) and after that the order canceled and in my stat note that cancel rate 11%.

I want to ask everyone is, this rate 11%, is it public to buyer in my gig?, it not my fault.

Buyer is not able to see your cancel orders,however large cancellation rate can effect your level.

Your cancellation rate is not visible to the buyers. Also, cancellation by mutual agreement doesn’t affect your rate. Cancellation done by Fiverr’s customer support does.

so how to deal with buyer order but he not check order for weeks ?

I simply deliver order and say them to click on “request modification” and send details I need, that way you get 3 more days, in 90 % they respond in that 3 days, sometimes order marks it self as completed so they send me message after 2 more days (usually) and I do the task. had maybe 3 of them that never responded to me.

Hi, I am also facing similar problem. Buyer placed order and told that he will provide the character drawing for making alterations. In spite of repeated requests, he has not yet sent editable character drawing and only one day is left for order completion. I have informed him again to either send the editable file or cancel the order because I cannot re-draw the character as he is not willing to pay for re-drawing the character. He has not yet responded to my request. Anyone please help and guide me as I am new IN FIVERR. Thanks

I have this buyer… He made me do 10 designs… Extra fast delivery within 1 day… I finished all 10 before the timer ended… He asked for revisions…I did revisions,i waited for his reply… after 2 days BOOOOMMM!!! He cancelled the order for no reason…Gave me negative feedback… I cant contact him.I want to report him,he’s a top buyer too…

Hi there! Even if it’s indicated the he’s online when i click on his profile? I contacted the support team too about this

Reply to @amberfaisal: in your case just do mutual cancel, and note in your gig that you don’t do revision because you handrawing.

Reply to @kjblynx: Yes that’s the one… He didn’t even gave a reason, I gave him the designs on time. He was the one who is late, i was waiting for him for 2 days… I just had bad luck with that TOP Buyer… :frowning: :frowning:

Reply to @binsintgames: So, when you sent him revisions, you didn’t send them via the “deliver modified work” button?

Reply to @binsintgames: It doesn’t actually work that way. Even if it is sort of the buyer’s fault, the seller has to deliver on time. If you gave him the work, maybe you did it in a message attachment, not the delivery attachment. If you did go through delivery, the buyer must have used the request a modification button. So, the deadline passed without proper delivery. The buyer didn’t leave that feedback, the buyer saw that delivery wasn’t done correctly and pressed the cancel button. Fiverr automatically puts negative feedback on your gig when that happens.

Reply to @fonthaunt: but if just deliver though attachment not in delivery attachment, buyer can take our work and mutual cancel.

Oh i want to ask you that, when send work throught delivery attachment, the deadline clock still ticking or not ?