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I need help about order!

Hey, i am a seller here, i need help from experiensed seller. I design logos and my gig is ranking on ghe first page of fiverr with almost all keywords, but i am not getting orders, i send 10 buyer requests daily and i got 1st order and rating from there, but i am not getting orders direct even i am ranking on first page, this is my gig , please check and tell me what should i improve?

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24/7 available
Money-back guaranty

How exactly can you offer 24/7 availability.
Offering a “money-back guaranty” is just opening yourself up to abuse on the platform along with offering unlimited revisions. I’d start with those points.


You should only offer what you are prepared to deliver, no “available 24/7”, “money back guaranteed”, “unlimited revisions” etc. That is unreasonable and it makes your gig look unprofessional in my opinion, but besides that you are also making yourself very vulnerable to scammers and entitled buyers.